Why Choose Ryan Levesque’s Survey Funnel Formula?

Ryan Levesque Creator of The Ask Method and Survey Funnel formula

If you need more sales, clients, or leads today and your marketing funnel isn’t working or you’re just getting started this article is for you. So, to save you time and summarize a lot of life experience let’s just say I’ve tried out multiple funnel building strategies over the years and each time I kept running into a BIG problem.

In short, I failed to get those funnel building strategies to work for me at ANY level. Yes, it’s embarrassing. Yes, I lost a lot of money. And yes I wasted a lot of time. Which was really hard for me considering I’m in a field where no one likes to admit to their failures. But no matter what I tried. No one wanted my free report, my “5 tools you must have” list, or my money magnet.

Which was frustrating because I (like you) was convinced marketing funnels worked for others but I couldn’t seem to find a method for building them that worked for me.

Well, this was all solved when I discovered Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method Strategy that teaches you how to build and deploy Survey Funnels.

The same strategy that is responsible for helping Ryan acquire over 2.8 million leads and 175K buyers, in 17 different non- internet marketing markets including golf, tennis, satellite, dog training, and business funding.

And the reason it worked for me and so many other people (when every other strategy failed) is because unlike other approaches to building funnels Ryan’s Ask Method eliminates 95% of the uncertainty involved in the funnel building process by instead of assuming what your market wants by literally guessing…you simply ask the pocket of people that compose your reachable market what they want.

And you accomplish this impossible sounding feat by using a series of surveys in a direct way that makes people want to respond. The first step is simple too. You just need to come up with a list of 5-8 questions. Which Ryan’s inexpensive book shows you how.

Last words:

If you want to learn Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method Strategy for building profitable funnels when other methods aren’t working he teaches the entire process from A-Z in his book Ask. There’s a paper back, kindle, and audio version.

Alternatively, if you want to take things a step further he also offers an Ask Method Master Class which opens up four times a year. Personally, I’ve picked up a copy of his book and have invested in his masterclass and both investments have more than paid for themselves already.

Lastly, if you’d like to have a conversation with a funnel builder who specializes in building survey funnels for other people you can signup for a free 30 minute consultation by clicking the link below and i’ll share my expertise including several details I left out of this short article.

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André Chaperon’s Soap Opera Sequence Explained In 2 Minutes.


If you’re looking to make a lot more money with your email list without becoming a massive liar this article is for you. It all started when I found out about André Chaperon’s “Soap Opera Sequence” by typing in “how to make money with email” into a google search sometime late in December, 2013. But more about that day later (Perhaps, over a friendly chat)…

…first, let me get straight to the point of this article.

What’s a Soap Opera Sequence? The bullet point version is…

  • It’s the World’s Most Lucrative Email Marketing Storytelling Strategy
  • A proven and tested method to earn between $10 and $50+ PER SUBSCRIBER INSTEAD of the conventional $1.00/subscriber.
  • And my #1 recommendation for using autoresponders to get an email list to take action quickly.

What about the longer explanation?

A Soap Opera Sequence is an email copywriting technique used to make more money with autoresponders like Infusionsoft, Aweber, Active Campaign, Drip, or Mailchimp by introducing the face of your company as an interesting character to “keep up with”.

Each Soap Opera Sequence has 2 main goals:

  1. PRIMARY objective — build the relationship and earn trust and attention.
  2. SECONDARY objective — earn money by promoting your stuff.

And the best way to explain how and why they work is…

You know how some entrepreneurs think social media is the best…but if you asked them if they would rather have a million Twitter followers or a million email subscribers…most would choose email in a heartbeat?

What to know why I think this is?

It’s because there’s something rare about email marketing that makes it better. Even 40 years after the first marketing email was sent in 1978 by a man named Gary Thuerk. (Also known as the ‘father of spam’).

And what makes it better is…

There’s a natural “commerce” component to email that social media doesn’t have…which creates an atmosphere that makes people more willing to buy stuff…or take an action like signing up for a consultation that leads to a 5-figure sale.

The only problem with using email to make sales today?

In order to make enough sales to live on with email marketing you need to earn (and keep) your email subscriber’s ATTENTION.

And that part is PRETTY HARD…

Because losing the attention of your email subscriber is easy in a world where your customer’s attention span is spread between the 24/7 news cycle, your competition, and EVERYTHING ELSE in their lives.

Do you see the problem? Well, the good news is…

THAT’S the same problem André Chaperon’s Soap Opera Sequence solves.

It solves the problem of keeping your email subscriber’s attention by transforming email marketing into email storytelling which earns and keeps attention better than any other email marketing strategies I’ve come across (… including strategies like Ryan Diess’s Logic, Gain, and Fear campaign).

And doing email in this roundabout way gets your emails opened, CONSUMED, and considered (the step where sales naturally happen)…Instead of ignored like everyone else’s (e.g. Your competition’s).

Oh, and In case you’re wondering what’s up with the name “Soap Opera Sequence”…

It’s called that because it uses ‘serialized storytelling’ like a popular TV show or Soap Opera. For example…have you ever watched Lost? … or 24? … or perhaps one of these:

  • Breaking Bad
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Sopranos
  • Supernatural
  • Stranger Things
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • Mad Men
  • Prison Break
  • Or Game of Thrones…?

These shows are all essentially “soap operas”.

Series fiction.

And the Soap Opera Sequence applies these TV show storytelling techniques (like open loops) to email marketing. Making each email received from your business feel like a new episode of entertainment content.

…and during this process of entertaining your list, you earn and keep your readers attention, thus getting the chance to PROMOTE and SELL your products and services to a fully engaged crowd. It works better than anything else. And once you put in the effort to set them up you can benefit from a single Soap Opera Sequence for years.

That’s the upside. Now let’s talk about the downsides.

Is the Soap Opera Sequence a Magic Bullet?

No. The Soap Opera Sequence while powerful is not a magic bullet. It’s not something that can take a failing business and turn it into a success 100% of the time. Nor can it make up for a bad marketing strategy, a terrible market, or a unwanted product or service.

However, with those warnings out of the way…

The Soap Opera Sequences does increase sales every time I use it for myself or a client…and I think it works so well because the storytelling component helps you “stick around long enough” in your email subscriber’s thoughts until a sale can naturally happen.

…And if you can keep the conversation going don’t you think you’ll be way more likely to close a sale? I think so. Heck, I know so.

Last words:

André Chaperon’s Soap Opera Sequence is taught in his program “Autoresponder Madness”. Which you can get here for for a single payment of $499. I think it’s a pretty good deal because buying a copy helped me greatly and has paid for itself many times over. If you’re an email marketer I suggest picking up a copy for yourself.

P.S. Alternatively, if you’d like to simply hire an email copywriter that specializes in writing Soap Opera Sequences you can signup for a free 30 minute consultation with me by clicking the green button below.