So you’re one of those special people that reads “the about me” section. I’m just like that too. My name is Joshua Valentine, and I know the horrible truth that getting noticed is more important than being factual.

I’m a 35 year old email copywriter that specializes in autoresponder emails that get clients a return on investment using the Soap Opera Sequence Strategy. I have 13 years experience, many repeat customers, and have made tens of thousands dollars for individual clients confirmed.

(maybe even more unknown to me as clients tend to keep their lips tight when you make them too much money out of fear you’ll raise your fees…and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Anyhoo… I mostly work with people that are real estate professionals, own e-commerce stores, or are interested in selling books, 12- week programs, or digital courses. (If your business is wildly different I still might be able to help you).

Besides the done for you content creation services I offer two other services to clients. I specialize in running Facebook ads using a technique taught to me by Curt Maly, and I setup a specific type of marketing funnel called a survey funnel. Made popular by Ryan Levesque in his book Ask, his course Survey Funnel Formula, and his new masterclass The Ask Method Masterclass.

It might sound odd to specialize as much as I do with regards to writing, advertising, and funnel building, but being a specialist is how I ensure my clients make the most money. Being a generalist is ineffective. What about me as a person? Besides work I enjoy pumping iron, trading bitcoin, and reading lots of books.

Some of my favorites are 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Dotcom Secrets, and Ask. Getting back to business…I’m great with a lot of popular technologies you might want to use such as Active Campaign, SurveyFunnel.io, Survey Gizmo, Infusionsoft, Facebook pixels, DeadlineFunnel, Proof, Connectio.io, Improvely, Zapier, and Clickfunnels. To see the full list of books and software I have experience with AND recommend visit the resources page here.

I could write a lot more about myself, but seeing how I’m not rich, famous, or extraordinarily good looking…I’ll end it here before you get bored to tears. Up next…go ahead and click the link below to get a free 30-minute strategy session to talk about your business needs. Because if you’re bothering to read the about me page of a freelancer like me you could probably use a little help?

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